The West Bengal State Electricity Diploma Engineers Association (WBSEDEA), was established in 15th of May, 2015, vide Registration: S/2L No. : 36745, The Association is a membership-based, non-profitable organization to provide a common platform for the Diploma Engineers in order to achieve and protect the rights of all Diploma Engineers working in power sectors (West Bengal Government owned Companies) throughout the State of West Bengal and to make Diploma Engineers capable and active in nation building. It is formed to supplement Diploma Engineers with high moral and protect their fundamental rights. It will be transparent so far conducive to the interest of Diploma Engineers and always be committed to comply the statutory obligations.

The West Bengal State Electricity Diploma Engineers Association (WBSEDEA), membership shall be open to all the Diploma Engineers enjoying the same pay scale of Sub-Assistant Engineers and Junior Engineers at induction level, Diploma Engineers appointed / promoted to higher ranks under the Govt. own power utility companies of West Bengal.

Since inception, WBSEDEA has been working for the welfare of its members, cutting across ethnic and their professional lines. It is an open body and admission to WBSEDEA has no bar on class, sex, religion or community.

The aims and objects of the Association will be 'JUSTICE', 'LIBERTY', 'EQUALITY' AND 'FRATERNITY' as well as Pay, Prestige & Promotion for the Diploma Engineers. Our goals are to promote the interests and enhance the status of the Diploma Engineers & protect their rights and privileges, as well as creating a proper forum for sharing information and views on issues which are of topical interests to the public works in various fields of the engineering department and to cultivate an environment for advance and development of the country.