Objectives of WBSEDEA

  1. The Association shall strive to improve and ameliorate the condition of its members and to safe-guard their interest by negotiation with their employers for their staff and officer members of different engineering & managerial work in WBSEDCL, WBSETCL, & WBPDCL throughout West Bengal.
  2. The Association shall keep close relation among the members of the association for their welfare.
  3. The Association shall take up and handle the problems of the members to try to solve such problems through discussion with their higher authority of the companies.
  4. The association shall put forward claims and other dues of Honorary and Lifetime honorary members.
  5. The association will be to put forward proposal regarding pay, allowance, service conditions, disparity in designation at entry level and seek for peaceful settelment of the issues.
  6. To put forward concrete proposal in aforesaid companies (WBSEDCL, WBSETCL, WBPDCL), for improvement of promotional avenues and creation of birth of higher ranks.
  7. To creat Trustee Board to start for members a library and benevolent fund providing financial assistance.
  8. The association shall remain free from all political and communal activities.
  9. The Association may launch on any programme, if the situation so demands and if the Company(s) fails to settle the logical demands of the association and also support of demands of Sister Union/ Associations in/or outside the Company(s) on due consideration of the merit of the demands.

By Law of WBSEDEA 2015-16